lights, camera… (no, this is not a post about porn)

All righty, folks. I’m giving this here WordPress thing a shot. At the very least, it gives me a lot more options for seeing how many people take a gander at Sex Geek (the blog, not me), and you can comment without having to register your name and profile on Friendster – as promised. Whee! Please bear with me while I get the hang of it – I’m a sex geek, not a tech geek, so to me a computer is basically a big huge fancy pen and paper. You can imagine the phone calls to my classically geeky friends. (“What the fuck is an RSS and why do I want to use one?”)

So – if you’re a longtime Sex Geek reader, welcome to the new spot! I’m so glad you’re still around. I’ve been blogging since February of 2005 and been having a ton of fun with it. It makes me stupidly happy to geek out about sexuality-related stuff and it’s awesome to have friends and strangers alike along for the ride.

If you’re new, welcome. Hope you like it. Hang out, comment, have a conversation with me. Agree, disagree, challenge me, give me feedback, send me ideas, link to me (especially that last one). I love to write, but I’m not a fan of monologues, so bring it on! (Please don’t send me creepy come-ons. Seriously. Have some class. Yes, I’m talking to you – you know who you are.) 

I promise I’ll post something a little more interesting than a welcome note as soon as I figure out how to work this here contraption. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “lights, camera… (no, this is not a post about porn)

  1. I read your blog using a feed reader, and the Atom feed (something like RSS, but “better”) is way better than the RSS feed that was provided by Friendster! Instead of getting only the first few so many words, with the formatting all stripped out, I get the full text with all the formatting, which is much handier since I read in the train (I see the “preview”, then I want to read it, but I have no Internet, so I’m all frustrated!).

    So, huzzah for your new thingy!

  2. Glad you made the jump, even having registered for Friendster (bleh), I couldn’t get the comments to work. And thanks for RSSing the new location!

  3. Thanks, folks. I’m sufficiently tech-clueless that I actually didn’t *know* I’d RSSed this… I musta checked a box somewhere on my setup pages without realizing it. Whatevah. Glad it’s working for ya!

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