shamelessness, followed by shoes

It’s late, and I’m just now back from one of the most eclectic Meow Mixes I’ve ever attended, after attending the Montreal Roller Derby‘s Triple Threat Battle, after checking out the Anarchist Bookfair (and, as you might have guessed, making a couple of bookish purchases, which I then had to drag around with me to the other two events). It’s been a big day and I’m still a little overwhelmed from the extremely odd (in a good way) Meow Mix show and all the ridiculously hot rockabillies at the derby, enough so that I’m not sure I can really write anything coherent about either one. Instead, let me settle for a couple of shameless plugs (no, not that kind, you pervert) before I go to bed.

Plug #1: I’m teaching a couple of cool workshops in Ottawa in a little while. Specifically, on Saturday, June 9, I’m going to be at Breathless, Ottawa’s sex-positive community centre, teaching Body Play, which is a combination of my Hands-On Play (i.e. SM play without a bag full o’ toys) and Ultimate Thud (punching and other heavy-impact SM play) workshops. Woo-hoo! Later that same evening, I’ll be at Venus Envy, Ottawa’s superfantastic women-and-queer-friendly sex toy / book shop, teaching Love and Sex in the Plural – my version of an intro-to-polyamory workshop. I suspect the latter might be more brutal than the former, but you’ll just have to show up if you wanna know for sure.

Plug #2: Issue #12 of Other Magazine – “pop culture and politics for the new outcasts” – just came out a couple of weeks ago, with the theme “Bad Gender.” It features a big huge essay I wrote entitled “Notes from Outside the Gender Spectrum,” which is a hybrid of erotica (truth? fiction? read and decide for yourself) and my own personal gender theory. I actually modelled the theory portion after a couple of Sex Geek posts I wrote many months ago (this one and this one, to be specific). Erotica-wise it’s pretty explicit, so not for the faint of heart, but I promise it’s also really geeky.

This week’s Utne Reader online gives a review of the mag and mentions my contribution – whee! Other is a small independent mag published three times a year in San Francisco and edited by the inimitable Charlie Anders (author of The Lazy Crossdresser and the brains behind God Hates Figs, among various other wonderful things), who is brilliant and hilarious and a little bit scary (in that her vast imagination is kinda humbling), but very sweet. I haven’t yet gotten my hands on a copy of it in Montreal, but when I do I promise I’ll tell you where you can find it. I’m supposed to be talking about it on a Winnipeg feminist radio show sometime in the next little while too; I’ll make sure to post when that’s happening.

Plug #3: Dudes! You all rock so much! I had no idea there were so many of you reading this thing. I’m so happy you’re here. Keep it up! (Have I mentioned how much I love my hit counter??)

That’s all for the shamelessness tonight. Now it’s sleepytime. I am going to have dreams of the 10%-off Fluevog sale this weekend. Mmmmm… shooooooes…

5 thoughts on “shamelessness, followed by shoes

  1. Re #3: And I suspect that with your new site, there might be a number of people like me who don’t even need to go on the website for the posts! I don’t know if your thingy counts the hits on the feeds…

  2. Yeah, it took all of no time whatsoever for me to switch into reading the feed directly (without even realizing it). Fortunately, comments are working, and I can’t comment from a feed, so I’ll bump the hit counter from time to time.

  3. Hooray for you being on WordPress! I have been reading for ages and have never gotten through registration to leave a comment, out of sheer spite at Friendster. But now I can. Thanks for blogging!

    Now I have to go check if your archives are all here. 🙂 You had an entry that particularly got to me a couple months ago, about an encounter in a movie theater, and when I went to link someone to it, I couldn’t find any “older entries” link at all on the Friendster blog.

  4. P and E – the stats count the feeders, too, so don’t worry… I’ve got your number. 😉

    Hi Calico. Nice ta meet ya. One of the big pain-in-the-ass things about Friendster is exactly that – the lack of archiving. All the old posts are there, but you have to click back one after another in order to get to the one you’re looking for. And WordPress is able to import posts from a variety of other places, but Friendster isn’t one of them. I’m considering whether it’s worth the effort of copying each post individually into here, and I’m thinking it’s not, though if anyone wants to contradict me please feel free.

    That said, I’ve got Word archives of everything I’ve ever written, and I copy the permalinks into my documents so I don’t have to fuck around too much if I want to find something. So the link to the post in question is

    Hope that helps. 🙂 Have a good one!

  5. Hey Sweetheart, congrats on the good press from Utne! Your name is showing up everywhere these days… Now I have to go find a copy of Other, just to have it in my hot little hands. (I saw it before submission and *loved* it.)

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