what do women want?

This morning, after a meeting with a client, I found myself wandering into a secondhand bookstore downtown, tucked away on a side street I don’t usually take. It’s tiny; the whole thing could fit into my living room twice over. The person at the counter was a long-haired guy in his mid-40s, by my best … More what do women want?

post-pride and pre-pride: a short note

I’m still in Toronto and enjoying the many lovely sights and sounds and people here… another one of those instances when there’s so much good stuff going on that there’s no time to write about it. Among other things, I’ve marched in leather in two parades, seen the Indigo Girls rehearse, purchased some Canadian sex writing, and had intriguing encounters … More post-pride and pre-pride: a short note

the problem with polygamy

This week’s issue of MacLean’s magazine (Canada’s weekly news) contains an article entitled “Polygamy: Legal in Canada” by Ken MacQueen. The article has inspired me to think, for the first time, about religious polygamy as whatsoever related to (or contrasting with) my concept of polyamory, and specifically in a Canadian context to boot. Before I go anywhere with … More the problem with polygamy