plus ça change…

Howdy, folks. I’m wiped out from a weekend at a professional conference (not a sex-related one, for once!) and a night of CinéKinking (thoroughly enjoyable), and I don’t really feel focused enough to post something truly interesting… so here’s a basic maintenance announcement. For those of you hankering for something sexier, come back tomorrow. I promise I’ll write about, oh, debauchery and lechery or something. Well, most likely an opinionated review of the film Beyond Vanilla, and possibly one of No Margins, the collection of Canadian lesbian short fiction that the Queer Ladies’ Reading Society is discussing tomorrow evening.

For now, suffice it to say that at said conference, I took a seminar on web editing, and thanks to the information I got there in addition to comments from a couple of friends, I decided that I needed to switch this page up a bit. Despite the general coolness of the thing, a black page with teeny-tiny gray writing was a little hard on the eyes, not to mention that weird thing where it squished the title’s words together if it was more than a single line long. So I just now spent a stupid amount of time noodling around with the various presentation options, and this is what I give you today. Ta-daaa!

I was a little dismayed at the one-column appearance because I thought I’d lost my blogroll and other stuff, but it turns out they’re just happily tucked away at the bottom of the page. I may decide I like two columns better after all, but as far as I can tell, the current look is by far the simplest, prettiest and least annoying option available. Feel free to comment if you have a strong opinion about such things. Once again, I am a sex geek, not a tech geek; I bow to the superior knowledge of others in this domain. When it bloody well suits me, of course.

2 thoughts on “plus ça change…

  1. I find the default font size a little squinty on my screen, but I like the overall look. The blogroll and other sidebar stuff is conspicuously absent on the single-entry pages, though, which is a shame as I usually enter the site via an individual article link provided by your feed.

  2. Love the new design darling – much easier on my not-so-good eyes. I agree with Eric that the font’s a little small. Would be cool if the links weren’t all the way at the bottom, but it sounds like there’s not much to do about that. Looking forward to the film and/or book review, but a little sad you didn’t discuss the conference here. Editing is hot, don’t you know?

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