post-pride and pre-pride: a short note

I’m still in Toronto and enjoying the many lovely sights and sounds and people here… another one of those instances when there’s so much good stuff going on that there’s no time to write about it. Among other things, I’ve marched in leather in two parades, seen the Indigo Girls rehearse, purchased some Canadian sex writing, and had intriguing encounters with a long list of delightful people. For example, I can’t wait to write about the super-faggy sales clerk I met last night in a sex shop who spent a good 15 minutes boasting about his ability to make women come in ways they’d never even imagined. He backed it up with a great deal of rather intricate anatomical knowledge that far surpasses that of most men I’ve met, so I’m forced to believe him. Fascinating! Even the CN Tower seems to have become rather Prideful – or maybe that’s just a coincidence and it’s always a huge phallic symbol pulsating in rainbow colours until the wee hours of the night, I don’t know.

All that being said, I have things to do and people to, um, see, so I just wanted to post a quick note, also on a Pride theme though this time regarding Montreal. It would appear that the Montreal Pride group has found my blog, because they posted the following comment on my Pride post from a few entries back. I figured y’all might not be backtracking to read old comments, so here it is in case anyone’s interested:


Hello Sex Geek,
Just a note to let you know we will be holding a press conference to announce the route and line-up of the parade and community day on Wednesday June 27, at 11am at SKY.
You and members of the LGBTA community are more than welcome to attend and learn more about these upcoming events.
Best regards,
The team at Célébrations LGBTA Montréal


There you have it! I’ll certainly aim to be there. Perhaps I’ll see some of you fine sexy Montreal folk there too. In the meantime, I have a few more days to enjoy the hell out of Toronto, and I plan to do exactly that starting in about 10 minutes. Buh-bye now!

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