love on the menu

Girls who want boys / Who like boys to be girls / Who do boys like they’re girls / Who do girls like they’re boys / Always should be someone you really love – Blur, “Girls and Boys” *** Fuck me like you hate me. – Slogan seen on a t-shirt during Pride weekend *** … More love on the menu

pride lessons

Things I learned at Pride this year, either at community day or during the parade: 1. A lot of people are completely clueless about the existence of the bi flag and the leather pride flag. Luckily, they ask questions. I don’t think I’ve done that much basic education in a long time! 2. Some gay … More pride lessons

the layers of lolita

Not too long ago, my book club – the Queer Ladies’ Reading Society – read Vladimir Nabokov’s classic work of fiction, Lolita. It amazes me to think about some of the things that made it into print in the repressive 1950s. Lolita was published in 1955, and it’s pretty darned scandalous even by today’s standards – … More the layers of lolita