here’s linking at you, kid

Okay, this is not going to be the longest or most intellectually stimulating post I’ve ever written, but I just had to share something that’s been cracking me up lately.

The news: somehow, it would appear that the Wall Street Journal Online has been featuring a link to this blog for the past several days. I’m sure it’s completely accidental; it shows up in the “more news on this topic” section to the right of a column called “The Informed Reader,” which seems entirely unrelated to anything sexy or geeky. Surely some bot has been trolling the Internet and has just royally fucked up its search criteria or something, because I can pretty much promise you that whatever I’m written is absolutely irrelevant to column topics such as the seven wonders of the world and whether or not the USA’s policy on political assassination is any good. But in the past few days, it has never failed to amuse me that a few people each day are clicking on the link and arriving here.

Welcome, friends. Hope you have fun while you’re here. Please don’t mind that I’m giggling about this. It’s really not about you. It’s just the incongruity of the thing that tickles my funnybone. Doubtless the WSJ Online will eventually drop the link, but in the meantime… hee hee!

It also seems there are a couple of webcam porn sites linking here, which is at least marginally more understandable. I’ll admit that I’m not sure whether their readers (are webcam site visitors considered “readers”?) will be as, ahem, inspired by what they find here as by their original destination, but hey, whatever floats yer boat.

And to all the smart, quirky, articulate femme-domme bloggers who’re sending their readers my way – thanks, ladies. You rock. As do all the other intello-perverts out there linking to me. Whee!


Oh hell, while I’m at it, why not work in some shameless self-promotion? I invite you to check out my newly updated About section, to which I’ve added a few bits of what I call my “sex CV.” (No, it does not catalogue how many years’ experience I have with strap-ons or what school I went to for my degree in flagellation. Nice try.) I also invite you to take a look at my brand-spanking-new (couldn’t help it, sorry) Workshops section, where I list the stuff I’ll be teaching in the next little while, as well as my full workshops list and a short rundown of some of the cooler speaking gigs I’ve had the privilege of doing in the last few years. The links are at the top of this page.

Of course, if you could give two shits about what I’m up to and are just here for the dubious entertainment value, by all means, ignore this entire paragraph. I just figgered, hell, I’ve got a little online home these days, why not use it?

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