grab bag!

Here’s a delightfully (I hope) random post to make up for my absence in the past few days. It’s been, um, busy. In other words, much as I’d love to share a bunch of juicy stories with you, I will simply let your imaginations run wild instead. You’ll probably come up with even better stuff that way, you big perverts.

On with the randomness.

Question: You know that Parisian-boudoir-style wallpaper pattern that’s turning up all over the place these days? What the heck is it called? Someone asked me this the other day because it was driving her nuts and now it’s succeeded in driving me nuts. An hour of Internet research last night turned up nothing, or at least very little. Help! Anyone?

Notice: Tonight, in fact starting about 10 minutes ago, there’s a launch at Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent) of The Birds and The Bees, the Head & Hands zine reminiscing about sex education. According to the event’s Facebook description…

In 2005, the Quebec educational reform essentially eliminated sexual education from the required curriculum at a time when the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are alarmingly high among Canadian youth. Last year, Head & Hands launched The Sense Project in order to support high schools with comprehensive sexual education in light of this reform. The literary ‘zine, The Birds and The Bees, is a collection of words, images and ideas all about remembering sex ed classes now that they are no longer happening. It’s a space that re-imagines, and re-defines a curriculum that can handle the ambiguity of sex, identity and power. Come and celebrate our new ‘zine and The Sense Project at The Birds and The Bees, official launch party!

I wrote a piece for the zine called “Remembering the Battle-Axe,” so if you want to get a copy of it into your hot little hands, now’s the time. Plus, there are a bunch of other cool writers in the zine too. If you’d rather read that specific piece online, check it out at Ye Olde Sex Geek here. But really, Head and Hands deserves your support, so regardless, please send them a donation or volunteer some of your time. And come join us tonight! Like right now! There will be music. There will be a kissing booth (hmm!). There will be hotties. I’m currently writing this instead of scooting into a metro, but I swear, I’m on the way. Just fashionably late.

Quantum fetish moment: Did you know that there are actually people out there who fetishize vomit and snot? Someone brought this up as a joke at a recent kinky dyke gathering, and I couldn’t help but dash to Google to find out whether Quantum Fetish Mechanics actually work (i.e. the theory that once you’ve mentioned a fetish, no matter how bizarre, it must necessarily exist). Predictably, vomit fetishists seem to have a particular liking for hot girls – but then, who doesn’t. I imagine the gay vomit fetishists must be marginalized within the vomit fetish community. (Lordy, but I am trying so hard not to laugh… your kink is not my kink but your kink is okay… your kink is not my kink but your kink is okay… Mmmmmf!)

Preview: Pride a-cometh. During Pride (or more accurately, during the Célébrations LGBTA followed by Divers/Cité, which kinda adds up to Pride), there is lots of cool stuff going on. I’ll be publishing a few articles in the Mirror to that effect in the July 26 and August 2 issues, so watch for ’em, or check the links here once they’re up. In addition to that cool stuff, I’ll be reading at a queer lit night with some other excellent locals, giving a couple of workshops during Montreal’s Censored Festival around that same time, and likely getting up to other sorts of trouble… I’ll post details soon in the hopes of seeing some friendly faces in the crowd!

Promises, promises: All righty… I promise I’ll write something more thoughtful later. Doubtless a whole evening of sex ed rants will inspire some reflection. Right now, I’m on the verge of unfashionably late.

And one thought to sustain you. How did you figure out what your kinks are, assuming you have any? Really, I’m genuinely curious. I seem to be encountering a lot of people lately who are in this process of self-discovery (not that it ever ends, but the beginning is often pretty intense), and I’m seeing both a few patterns and a lot of individual variety. I’m also prepping a workshop for Toronto in the fall that addresses this question, so any thoughts y’all want to post here, I’d be very happy to hear. 

2 thoughts on “grab bag!

  1. I will happily post how I figured it out but I’d also like to ask what patterns you’ve noticed as I wonder if they’re similar to any I’ve noticed way up in Canadia;)

    I’m another one of those I remember being kinky as far back as I can but never really learned what it was or how to do it well until I was about 15 or 16 after a pseudo rape scene with my then boyfriend went rather awry. (Note to past self, communication and safe words and mandatory) then I one day was assaulted by a bad popup ad of some pornographic variety I was shocked to see the girl in question was exactly how I liked to be, held by the hair licking out another girl. I saw bdsm sex and promptly googled it. i haven’t looked back since and I’ve been happily corrupting curious and innocent friends since:)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Ferret. Congratulations on your ongoing corruption project. I want more people to tell me their stories too!… though I understand a public blog might be an odd place to do so. Ah well!

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