queer news: the big and the little

One of the things I really like about writing queer news for the Mirror is this interesting symbiotic relationship we’ve developed. Because they’re a Big Publication with Big Contacts, they give me access to Big Name People I would never otherwise have the chance to speak with – like the super-fun interview I got to do with Martina Navratilova last year around this time.

In turn, because I’m a little grassroots gal with a rabbit’s warren of underground contacts, I give them access to interesting tidbits of news they might otherwise not hear about, such as… well, say, the profile I got to do this week on Nairne Holtz, local literary lesbian extraordinaire. (Though she’s not exactly “little and unknown” these days…) It was definitely cool to interview her – I’m used to yakking with her about sex and writing over lunch somewhere in Verdun, so it was a little odd to go all official-reporter-like, but she’s damned funny regardless. Do come join us for the “All in the Family” Pride lit night tomorrow (Friday) at 8 at Le Cagibi (5490 St-Laurent). Yes, this is the one I’ll be reading at too.

Speaking of funny, one of my more hilarious interview experiences happened for another article in this week’s issue, this one about the hundreds of HIV/AIDS-fundraising cyclists cruising into town tomorrow night straight into Divers/Cité. There’s this easy camaraderie that seems to often be present when a queer person working for a queer organization gets interviewed by a queer reporter… the interviewees really do loosen right up, and sometimes the shit that comes out of their mouths is just gut-busting. Okay, so it’s not like stand-up, but it was still pretty amusing.

My third article this week is neither hilarious nor underground, but if you want a quick rundown of the live music that’s going on this week at Divers/Cité, you can still check it out. Just scroll down after you read Lorraine’s piece on Plastik Patrik. (Whom, by the way, I would do in a second if given the chance. I have never seen a man look so high-femme hot – he gives Pepper a run for his money. Yes, you can tell them both I said that.) Lila Downs is singing on Sunday – you might know her as the little singer with the big voice who provided the soundtrack to that skin-meltingly hot girl-on-girl tango scene between Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd in the movie Frida. It’s, like, a minute and thirty seconds long, and it’s by far the most riveting piece of the entire film. Not that I’m biased or anything.

That’s it on the news front for now. I’m gonna go see if it’s dipped below 35 degrees outside, and maybe get dressed if it has.

One thought on “queer news: the big and the little

  1. I love the stuff that people are or aren’t embarrassed about. Me? I’m quite happy to blather on about sex toys and porn and incestuous buttsex between certain fictional characters (okay, maybe I’m a little embarrassed about the latter), but the fact that I sometimes watch Christian television preachers is this deep, dark secret.

    That. Um. I just announced to the world. *facepalm* Er…they amuse me?

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