castration! (are you anxious yet?)

Goodness me, but things can move fast in this town, no matter how sleepy a summer we seem to be having. Tune into Dykes on Mikes (CKUT 90.3 FM) on Monday at 7… As a last-minute guest-host gig, I’ll be interviewing the lovely ladies who are founding Montreal’s new bi women’s group. Yay!

Another small piece of random good news: the Concordia University Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore (yes, it’s quite the mouthful) has recently acquired a whole shelf full of secondhand books about sexuality. Why do I know this? Because I had the good fortune of passing by their door the other day, whereupon the lovely lady Larissa who runs the place dashed out and dragged me in to see. Hmm. Does my reputation as a bookslut precede me?

Fortunately for my pocketbook, I only made a single small purchase, but it’s a gem: a pocket paperback copy of Freud’s Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality (subtitled “The cornerstone of Freudian Psychoanalysis”). Originally written in 1905, published in full in 1915, and frequently reprinted… this particular edition was printed in 1965, and it smells heavenly. The three essays in question are entitled, respectively, “The Sexual Aberrations,” “Infantile Sexuality” and “The Transformations of Puberty.” I think the first one officially qualifies as intellectual jerk-off material. Mmmmm. I can’t wait to dive into penis envy and castration anxiety. I’m getting excited already.

And some more randomness. Did you notice, in the news, that last week a bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, Minnesota? As soon as I heard, I sent off text messages to the sweet wonderful folks I met there during this past April’s Leather Leadership Conference – yes, Minneapolis has a thriving kink community, certainly strong enough to welcome a couple hundred BDSM organizers from the US and Canada. Turns out nobody I know was directly affected, thank goodness, though I’d hardly wish a bridge collapse on anyone, stranger or not.

Anyway, I just found out today that Fred Phelps – the Christian Right whack job who protested Matthew Shepard‘s funeral and thinks gays are responsible for the downfall of civilization – has decided that the gays are now also responsible for the downfall of bridges. Yep, you heard me right. I quote from this article: “Reached at the church, Shirley Phelps Roper, who is both the daughter of the pastor and one of the attorneys for the church, said that America, and Minnesota especially, have alienated God by its tolerance for homosexuality, and that the bridge collapse was an act of God’s vengeance.”

Wow. Who knew we were so powerful? Now maybe if we all hold hands, listen to Bette Midler, and concentrate reeeally hard, we can make his church collapse. Now that’s some castration anxiety. Heh.

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