bisex_u_elles, unholiness and generalized organizer excitement

Today I’m writing from a strange computer in a strange city: Chicago. Well, it’s only strange because I’ve never been here before. I’m sure I’ll come out with one more city on my lengthening list of fun places to visit. I promise that once I spend seven hours completely geeking out at the Leather Archives and Museum, I will post a gleeful (and hopefully coherent) summary of the treasures I discover there.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a leetle announcement or two. The first is on behalf of the enthusiastic and activisty and otherwise just generally awesome ladies behind Montreal’s new bi women’s group, Bisex_U_elles. Check out No More Potlucks to download the podcast of my Dykes on Mikes interview with them from this past Monday – it’s not posted yet but it should be soon. If you want to get in touch with them directly or join the group, here’s their friendly write-up… feel free to spread the word!


Bisexual? Bicurious? Questioning? Want to meet like-minded women in a casual & fun environment?
Finally! Here’s a place to share experiences talk about what it means to be bisexual & most of all have fun and meet friends!
We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday (stay tuned for time & place!)
For more information… Join the Yahoo! Group: bisex_u_elles or contact us at Exclusively for women.


And now, please indulge me in a moment of sheer kinkypolyqueer community-organizing bliss.

My dear friend, much-loved chosen family member, frequent co-conspirator and treasured colleague Jacqueline St-Urbain came up with a brilliant idea a few months ago, and as soon as she did I jumped on the bandwagon, as we are wont to do with one another and our respective ideas – she jumped on mine when I decided to found CineKink, the monthly BDSM film and discussion series we started together in 2005, and we’ve collaborated in organizing various events and workshops and such for years now.

Anyway, this time around, the two of us are co-organizing Canada’s first weekend-long event for leatherdykes and trannies in over a decade. (Until recently I thought it was the first… I’ll post something else about that soon.) There’s one in Seattle (Wicked Womyn) and one in Palm Springs that costs a fortune (Desire) but there’s been nothing like it in Canada for a very long time.

As you can imagine, we are so fucking excited about this we might just pee our pants. We’ve just started to announce it and registrations are already pouring in… we’re almost at the halfway mark already. I’m in charge of workshop coordination, among other things, and just thinking about the list of presenters and topics I’ve nailed down so far is giving me a massive boner… woooohooo! This is gonna be one helluva weekend. So here’s the official announcement… Again, feel free to pass the word!


You may have heard the rumours… now you get the real deal.
Yes, it’s true. Unholy Harvest, Canada’s first weekend for women of leather in over a decade, takes place this coming Thanksgiving weekend (October 5, 6 and 7, 2007) in Ottawa, Ontario. Get ready for a full weekend of BDSM/kink events for women, organized and hosted by Montreal’s Unholy Army of the Night. The weekend is open to past, present and future women who respect and honour a women’s play space and are aged 18 or over. You can expect…
– A wide range of BDSM and kink workshops, both hands-on and theoretical, with skilled presenters from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada
– A play party every night in a fully equipped dungeon
– Film screenings, a kinky auction and more!
The full schedule of events and workshops, plus presenter bios, will soon be posted at Check back for more info as we’ll be updating it regularly.
Spaces are limited and the price is right… so we fully expect to sell out. Don’t wait! Register now to make sure you get in on the action!

Full registration: $75
Volunteer/presenter price: $50
We’ll be asking for a number of volunteers to perform three hours of work during the weekend; please inquire if you’re interested in helping out.
For more info or to register, send an e-mail to unholyharvest at yahoo dot ca. You will be sent a registration form and payment arrangements will be made.


Ohhh man. This is gonna be so kick-ass. I think I have to go run around in circles for a little while now!

4 thoughts on “bisex_u_elles, unholiness and generalized organizer excitement

  1. “past, present, and future women” – I like this phrasing very much.

    I’m ready to geek on out at the LA&M if you are. 😉

  2. Dave – belieeeeve me you’ll hear all about it! (And I do think you’d be the one to know if you were a p/p/f woman. Never mind, you’re still awful cute.)

    Riley – ooooh baby, we are so geeking out together. I’ll drop you a line in the next few minutes. Eeeeee!

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