the size of sagacity

It has been an interesting day. I spent a chunk of the day working on stuff for Unholy Harvest, the big leatherdyke event I’m co-organizing with Jacqueline Saint-Urbain… it’s really coming together, and registrations are pouring in, and I think we’re both kind of in that stage where we realize that ohmygod it’s happening in FIVE WEEKS and hot damn we have a lot more to do! Not that I’m worried – it’s just that we’re definitely heading into crunch time.

One of the things I did today as part of that work was some brief googling to see if I could find leatherdyke groups to network with in the Prairies and the Maritimes – given that the only ones I know of are in Ontario, Quebec and BC. Results? Nada. Lordy, but the ladies fly under the radar… On the other hand, it would seem, so does everyone else in the flat and soggy provinces, if the number of bounced e-mails and defunct websites I found is any indication. Yeesh.

However, I did find a fully active and up-to-date site for a pansexual group called Sagacity, which meets in… you guessed it… Victoria, BC. Where I happen to be at this exact moment. And they meet… you guessed it… on Tuesday nights. (Yes, every week.) And so tonight, I dragged my (very open-minded) uncle to a little restaurant tucked away in a quiet corner of suburban Victoria to meet myself some island kinksters.

And sweet jeezis, there are a lot of them! I mean… wow. I’m kinda blown away. Apparently tonight was a small gathering – y’know, a mere 30 or 40 people. They often hit 75 or more, and that’s at a weekly meeting. They’ve got 2,000 people on their mailing list from all over the island and even over the US border, and their events are huge. This, in Victoria, population 300K! And while they certainly fit the general “pansexual” demographic – i.e. mostly straight – I spotted dykes, gay guys and transfolks in the room. Wow wow wow. That’s all I can say. I’m impressed.

Plus, they were friendly. A number of them didn’t quite know what to do with the whole uncle/niece thing – which is understandable, I suppose. I don’t know too many uncles and nieces who hang out together for extended periods of time in the first place, let alone talk about alternative sexuality together, let alone make forays into the BDSM community together on a Tuesday night. I think some of them thought we were kidding, or that we were partners with some weird age-play dynamic goin’ on, but we explained ourselves pretty well and they mostly seemed convinced. Regardless, they were a super-nice bunch, and I may even meet up with a few of their ladies later this week to be all lesbianish together or somethin’. Over coffee that is. Should be fun!

Anyway, I was intending to write either another Kleinplatz article review or a post about service and submission – or both – but I’m bushed. So I’m saving my drafts and I’ll write you something entertaining in the morning.

3 thoughts on “the size of sagacity

  1. P.S. I’ve been a little…distracted as of late, but I have been reading. If you need any help from afar with the Unholiest of Harvests, I’m your man.

  2. Lesbianishism is awesome! I highly recommend it. Solo or in groups. 😉 I hope your distractions have been of the positive sort – do share your news, dear! And thank you so much for your offer of help. My guess is there’s not much we could ask for at this distance, but I do plan to be sending you a hefty envelope for the archives once the whole thing is over…

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