plugs and promises

I’ve been a busy little sex geek this past little while… and posting sporadically as a result. This is just a quickie to round up a few fun tidbits, but I’ll be back on track soon. I think. (Anyone got cloning technology available? Drop me a line, por favor.)

Monday night, my esteemed colleague Jacqueline St-Urbain and I were interviewed on Dykes on Mikes about Unholy Harvest, the big weekend event we’re organizing for leatherdykes and transfolk. It’s happening over Thanksgiving weekend in Ottawa and it’s gonna be SO DAMN COOL. We’ve got a lineup of 15 workshops, two roundtable lunches, two film screenings, three play parties, a show and an auction. Not to mention all the super sexy queers who’ll be there. Yummmmmeeee! Registration is pushing capacity but if you’re up for it, there’s still a bit of room – get thee to for details. If you just wanna hear us jabber excitedly about the event, feel free to listen to the podcast here.

And speaking of leatherdyke organizing, guess who’s gonna be speaking on that very topic this coming November at MLT, otherwise known as Mr. Leather Toronto, otherwise known as one of North America’s biggest leather events? Yours truly and her partner in crime, as named above. This is a big deal and we’re pretty excited, except that we’re so busy organizing the event we’re supposed to be speaking about that we’re not really spending too much time thinking about what we’ll say about it later. I’m sure we’ll come up with something intelligent when our poor brains have a little space to breathe. If you want to see how we’ve described our seminar prior to actually coming up with specific content, check out the Workshops tab above and scroll down a bit. I swear we’ll live up to it.

If you’re interested in reading the weirdest news story I’ve ever written for the Mirror, check it out here. The short version: a supposed Ville-Marie borough officer gave two verbal warnings to Mad-Âme, the local lesbian boutique, saying their window displays were indecent and they could be fined. Except that when I was researching the story, the borough couldn’t find any record of such warnings ever being given. Very mysterious indeed… and it still leaves me wondering who the heck is upset about a girl mannequin with its head under another girl mannequin’s skirt. Has nobody seen the state of modern advertising? Implied cunnilingus is hardly cause for controversy. Jeezis.

I think this is about all the coherence I can squeeze out at this time, but expect another Powerful Pleasures essay review in the near future. Plus possible reflections on queer family (I’ve got my first solo date with the alarmingly articulate 2-year-old Spawn in the next couple of days), queer leadership (after I hang out with a bunch of fellow Gay Line past presidents tomorrow) and a review of Julia Serano’s book Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, which I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment and plan to soon discuss with my ever-brilliant sweetie Pepper, aka Freaksexual (see my blogroll), who is always full of interesting critiques. We’re kinda doing our own little private book club thing these days, which just tickles me. All the better to share with you, of course.

Wow, that last paragraph included one helluva run-on sentence. Blame it on 4:22 a.m. and wish me goodnight, okay?

3 thoughts on “plugs and promises

  1. hey lady. i have a question. do you have to sign up for the whole weekend to attend the workshops? i will be in ottawa visiting my family, but i’m sure i could squeeze in a workshop or two….


  2. It’s not impossible, but since I am not the Registration Diva I’m not so well placed to make the call… if you send an e-mail to unholyharvest at yahoo dot ca, the Moderatrix can get back to you about that! 🙂

  3. Good to hear that you’re doing well. I’m super excited for Unholy Harvest, even if I’m not attending. Crazy about that store story. Would a borough officer have a badge number? Maybe if it happens again they could track it down somehow. Weird.

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