of blurbs, bois and body harnesses

(Note: stupid stupid Internet glitches = a post going up a day later than it was written. Forgive the 24-hour error in date indications.)

I’d love to write a nice long, satisfying post right now, but I’m too busy watching queer films and writing synopses of them for the Image+Nation program. I know, I know… shucks, it’s such a tough life, being a queer writer. But seriously, film synopses are a lot of work – to write a short little blurb of text, you have to watch an entire film (1 to 2 hours) while taking notes about plot details and such, and then do research to make sure you have all the actors’ and directors’ names spelled right and haven’t totally misunderstood the thrust of the work (how embarrassing that would be!), and then you hafta come up with a pithy description in 200 words or less that makes people want to come and see the film, without spoiling the entire thing. And short writing is, like, way harder than the long kind – every word counts. It’s like a hybrid of marketing copywriting and university-level precis-writing with a good dose of queer sensibility sprinkled in for flavour. Try doing twelve of those in a few days! My head is hurting!

But dudes, this means queer film festival season is on the way, and to me that’s better than all the Christmases I looked forward to as a kid combined. I’ve been, like, a maaaaassive fan of I+N (Montreal’s fantastofabuolous queer film festival, for those who haven’t met it yet) since I interviewed Charlie, the festival’s director, for Treize magazine a couple of months after I came out some seven or eight years ago. Charlie’s definitely a hottie, but more specifically, the opportunity to geek out about queer film – from intellectually stimulating documentaries to painfully bad porn to fascinating features – has always made me squirmy-happy. And while I’ve been happily volunteering for the festival for years now, and practically soldering my ass to a theatre seat for the entire week of I+N each year, this is the first time I’m actually getting to write my own stuff for ’em. Wheeee! I don’t imagine individual film synopses would be the most exciting thing to post on a blog, but I will certainly post a link to the program once it’s all finished and up online.

And needless to say, I highly encourage you to check out the festival. It runs November 15 through 25, and this year is I+N’s twentieth anniversary, so doubtless there will be a cornucopia of queer fabulousness going on above and beyond the films themselves. Mark your calendars! Queer geek heaven, here I come…

In the meantime, when I’m not writing film descriptions, I’ve been enjoying this latest visit to Toronto by taking in a couple of Midori’s workshops. Last night it was one on body harnesses. You know, I’ve been doing bondage classes with the fabulous Fetish Diva for several years now, and they never fail to entertain and educate – especially her world-famous weekend-long Rope Dojo – but it wasn’t until last night that I actually attended one with a person I’m fucking. And y’know, who’da thunk, but spinning sexy body harnesses around the body of someone you’d really like to bend over a counter and sodomize is even more fun than when you’re doing the same thing with a friendly and fun but not sexually attractive (to me) demo bottom. Yowza. Note to self: kinky partners goooood. One more very good reason to keep the boi around. (Of course it also helps that the workshop took place at Come As You Are, which means I got to do this in a room liberally decorated with dildos, bookshelves filled with queer erotica and how-to manuals, and leather gear. Yay for ambience.)

Tonight, I’m heading to Midori’s talk entitled Pink Japan – a rare chance to hear the perspective of a Japanese person (in her case, Japanese-German-American) on Japanese sexual culture. I’ve seen way too many revoltingly racist Asian-themed kink events and gag-worthy geisha outfits on white folks with a distinct lack of political consciousness over the past few years; it always grosses me out when people fetishize an entire culture. And yet I remain interested in learning about the cutting edge of sex in countries other than my own, so I’m stoked to attend a slide show and lecture from a fellow sex geek about her own home country and its kinky quirks. I promise I will dutifully take notes and write a post that endeavours to do justice to her presentation.

When I finish those last three film write-ups, of course… and then there’s that very distracting boi to consider, and that bag of rope sitting near the bed… Um, yeah, gotta go!

3 thoughts on “of blurbs, bois and body harnesses

  1. Re: Midori and Gag-Worthy Geisha Outfits on White Folks…
    When I was first practicising Buddhism, I was so careful to interrogate my desire to “convert”. Mostly, I was concerned about appropriation and exoticism etc. but as it turned out, the person who I ended up feeling most connected to is Suzuki Roshi, who brought zen from Japan to the states to create an American Zen tradition.

    P.S. There’s also a lengthy conversation re: Boy/Boi identity words on one of my mailing lists and it’s most interesting.

  2. Ooooh. Boi/boy. Perhaps you might consider passing on the link to that list?… I am currently involved with both a boi and a boy, who have each chosen their spellings for very particular reasons and who each use different pronouns. Every boi/boy I talk to seems to have a new set of explanations behind their final letter of choice, some of which overlap and some of which contradict one another. In short, I’m fascinated.

  3. I hope you enjoyed the Pink Japan talk – one of my play partners was there, and he enjoyed it muchly.

    I was kicking myself, because I was in SF (with 25 thousand marathoners, mostly straight midwesterners) while Midori was here.

    I have the worst timing.

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