a little bag o’ news… this time live from boston

Can anyone come forward with cloning technology? Please? ‘Cuz really, I’m in need here.

I am currently hanging out in the wilds of Boston, Massachusetts, a mere few blocks from the intellectual epicentre of Harvard and MIT (I can practically feel the brainwaves wafting across the city!), spending a few days with my honey Pepper who’s here on business from San Fran. At this very moment, we were supposed to be shootin’ the shit with a poly dyke from Munich who’s also visiting this fine town, and who’s a member of a poly dyke group there. But unfortunately, the purple-haired boy is flat on his back with the flu, and so I’m catching up on my e-mail and we’ve got a lunch date with the poly dyke on Thursday. An international meeting of poly queers… mmmmm. Makes me happy just thinking about it. I promise I’ll post something about the discussion once it happens.

Meanwhile, my friend nouveau*queer is taking in a film at McGill for Divergence Movie Night – a documentary entitled 533 Statements which interviews 20 Canadian queer women coast-to-coast about what it’s like to be queer where they live. How cool is that? I really, really wish I could be in two places at once. Like really. Grumble.

I will just have to console myself by spending inordinate amounts of time in bookstores – apparently Boston has the nation’s highest number of bookstores per capita – and hanging out with cool people here. People like my friends M&M, two members of the fabulous fat burlesque troupe Big Moves. If you didn’t catch their performance at this past weekend’s Meow Mix, you most definitely must try to attend their next one. For the moment they’re focused on their new show, LARD: Like Grease Only Thicker, which is playing in New York this coming weekend. Hawt! And totally hilarious.

In other news, the taping of my poly interview on “2 Filles le matin” went well. The scary mascara lady was remarkably compliant when I asked her to hold off on the goopy eye stuff. Apparently others have made the same request; she informed me that her last long-lashed guest told her that mascara made her “avoir l’air d’un tournesol” (look like a sunflower), so there was no argument. But when I left the TV studio and looked at my face in a shop window not far off, I cringed… I was a rather frightening shade of orange, which I’m sure looked just fine under studio lights but which made me feel like clawing off a layer of my epidermis in the daylight world. Luckily I was able to drop in on the fine folks at the fab lesbo boutique Mad-Âme, where the lovely Amy kindly allowed me the use of her bathroom. (“Oh my god, why are you so, um, made up today?” “Tell you in a minute! Where’s your soap? Quick, quick!”) Fifteen Kleenexes, two face washes and some moisturizer later, I was back to my usual shade of sickly Caucasian. What a relief.

I always find that television spots go by way too quickly to really engage in-depth with the subject at hand, so while I feel the interview went reasonably well, I don’t feel like it’ll be enough to change anyone’s basic feelings about non-monogamy versus monogamy. Perhaps it will inspire a few people to ask further questions, mind you. One can hope. If you’re interested in catching the show, it airs on TVA on Tuesday morning (October 30) from 9 to 10. If anyone decides to tape it, let me know – I don’t watch TV and I doubt the station would come through in Boston anyway.

Upcoming happy stuff: Image+Nation, queer film fest extraordinaire, has a preliminary program up along with the “lite” version of their 2007 site. No major synopses yet, but heads up: they’re hosting a film symposium on November 16 and 17. Woo-hoo! Geekdom for the 20th anniversary!

And for those who are a fan of kick-ass rock/pop music by super-sexy trannies and queers, you may want to mark your calendars for November 3, when Toronto-based group The Cliks comes to town (Montreal that is). I had the very enjoyable task of interviewing their frontman, Lucas Silveira, late last week after staying up until 3 a.m. on a music-listening marathon with their new CD, Snakehouse, which remains on heavy rotation in my player. Anyway, the interview comes out this coming Thursday in the Mirror – I’ll post a link when it’s up. While I’m at it, I will also answer the question posted by a commenter not too long ago, about why queer women seem so readily interested in dating trans guys. Well, “answer” in the sense that I’ll happily give my own perspective, not in that I know why every person dating an FTM guy finds him attractive.

That’s about all the fun stuff I have to say today. With Pepper ill, I may well end up doing a lot of reading while I’m here, so you may be in for some more book reviews among other things… you’ve been duly warned! But right now, I’m going to make some dinner for a cute purple-haired geek with a sensitive tummy.

4 thoughts on “a little bag o’ news… this time live from boston

  1. While you’re answering questions, you should figure out a way to explain why it is queer women are more into the transdudes than the queer men are. Because that, my friend, confounds me regularly. 😉

  2. I was writing an answer to this and I realized it was turning into something long enough to be a post, so I’m going to incorporate it into my post instead of adding it here. Thanks for the question, Riley! Thinking is fun…

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