queer film madness (and a bit of tv)

I promise I’ll write something more interesting in a little bit. For now, just a quick update: the queer film extravaganza known as Image+Nation begins tonight. Wheeeee! For the next week, when I post, you can fully expect it to be about queer films. Particularly the documentaries, since there seems to be a really full roster this year and they span a fascinating range of topics. MmmmMMmm. Sooo geeky. Every year people laugh at me for taking notes in the dark during films, and every year I do so anyway with great glee for my own nerdy-girl satisfaction and your, um, enjoyment.

On that note, it would appear that relentless geekiness deserves media appearances: I was called in to do an interview with CBC-TV yesterday, as a longtime fan of the festival in honour of its 20th anniversary. It was a fun interview, and no scary orange makeup or nasty mascara lady this time as it wasn’t an in-studio thing. (Thank. Gawd.) They got me to come to the Impérial – the gorgeous restored theatre on Bleury just above Ste-Catherine, where many of the festival’s films are screened – and stand in front of the dimly lit empty red velvet theatre seats. Very classic. The interviewer asked great questions, too; she really had a clue. Nice. The full piece airs tonight and will feature interviews with Charlie Boudreau (the festival’s director – folks, if I were you I’d tune in for the pure pleasure of hearing her voice, it’s like melting chocolate) and a number of others. I’m told it’ll be on somewhere between 6:45 and 7 on CBC-TV. I’ll be in a meeting, but if you see it, let me know what it was like!

In other film-related news, I’m thrilled to learn that Toronto’s queer film festival, Inside Out, takes place exactly six months away from Image+Nation: May 15-25, 2008. This means I will never again have to wait more than six months between doses of queer film madness. How cool is that? This whole “city polyamory” thing is good in sooo many ways.

Anyway, make sure you say hi if you see me at I+N. By the end of this week, I’m quite sure my ass will be shaped like the inside of a theatre seat, and my eyes will be bloodshot, and I will be surviving on a diet of popcorn and 7-Up… but ohhhh, it’s gonna be good.

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