pros, cons and bathhouses

Cons of the season: Parents who really wish you’d stay in the closet. Religion. Commercial excess. Sickening overplay of awful pop versions of carols. Pine trees indoors that trigger allergic reactions. Gifts you just don’t know what the hell to do with. Pros of the season: Chocolate for breakfast. Hanging out with wonderful family members you don’t … More pros, cons and bathhouses

four notes, plus a question for the butch gals

I’ve got a rather random collection of notes for you tonight…  1. Desperately seeking…? You know, it always fascinates me to see the WordPress list of search terms people have used that have led them to this blog. Sometimes they’re completely random, like, say, “sex.” How many Google pages did some poor fucker click through before … More four notes, plus a question for the butch gals

cultures and controversies: a quirky cocktail of a queer film symposium

“The climate of queer filmmaking has definitely changed. Savvy and hungry audiences you are, and your demanding viewership has altered the presumed course of history.” – Katharine Setzer, Director of Programming, opening address to the 20th edition of Montreal queer film festival Image+Nation, Imperial Theatre, November 15, 2007 *** I just sent in my freelance CV … More cultures and controversies: a quirky cocktail of a queer film symposium

pass the kleedegs

I’b sig. Id’s really, really hard to feel even the least bit segsy when your brain is leagig oud your doze. (Not so good when you have a date with a hod girl, either, which I did this afterdood. Drat drat drat.) Not to medtion id’s eved harder to feel geeky when your brain is leagig … More pass the kleedegs

earning my leathers

At Mr. Leather Toronto last weekend, one of the seminars I attended was Submission  101, which was presented by four members of the Toronto Boys of Leather – a group specifically founded to provide community and support for people who identify as boys, i.e. submissive and/or service-oriented people of a masculine (though not necessarily male-bodied) persuasion. One … More earning my leathers