pros, cons and bathhouses

Cons of the season: Parents who really wish you’d stay in the closet. Religion. Commercial excess. Sickening overplay of awful pop versions of carols. Pine trees indoors that trigger allergic reactions. Gifts you just don’t know what the hell to do with.

Pros of the season: Chocolate for breakfast. Hanging out with wonderful family members you don’t get to see often. Thoughtful gifts, such as the one from my brother B – a copy of Anne McClintock’s book Imperial Leather, an academic analysis of race, sexuality, gender and colonialism that incorporates copious information about early D/s and fetishism in the Victorian era. Lots of time to dive into books for hours on end, which means there are book reviews in your near future, dear readers.

And of course, the next Toronto women’s bathhouse, which I only wish I could get to! Please, go if you can, and tell me all about it.

Toronto Women and Trans Bathhouse Committee Presents
Bathhouse Lite, Toronto

Calling all Sexy Grinches!
The Toronto Women and Trans Bathhouse Committee
invites you to a festive Bathhouse Lite, a no-frills
women and trans bathhouse night

Friday December 28, 2007
9 pm- 3 am
Central Spa
1610 Dundas St West at Brock, 2nd Floor

$12 Advance tickets and limited sliding scale tickets
available at Toronto Women’s Bookstore
73 Harbord St.

Limited lockers available.
Space is limited, so come early!
18+ only, ID required
We regret that the space is not wheelchair accessible.
416-925-9872 xt 2115
e-mail us to be added to our facebook group

That’s about all I got for ya today. I hear some more chocolate calling my name…

5 thoughts on “pros, cons and bathhouses

  1. RE: “an academic analysis of race, sexuality, gender and colonialism . . . ”

    I was drowning in a puddle of drool and cunt juice before you even mentioned the incorporation of “copious information about early D/s and fetishism in the Victorian era”

    *sigh* As soon as I finish reading tons of anthro stuff on sorcery and witchcraft for an article I have to write in the very recent past (yeah, yeah, yeah), I promise myself to sniff this one out.

  2. Neeuqdrazil – Ooh! Bathhouse was cool then? Argh! … Well, in the future I’ll make a point of coming. (Heh.) You’ll have to tell me all about this one next time I see you!

    Jacky – what a thoroughly lovely image. Almost makes up for the lack of bathhouse. 😉 My brother, from whom the most excellent book was a gift, says it was a doozy to track down, so if you have a hard time of it, let me know and I’ll see if I can get him to stage a repeat performance.

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