still knotted… or, don’t do us any favours, buddy

Not long ago, I picked up a copy of the book Endless Knot: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Sado-Masochism, by Mathew Styranka. The blurb on the back reads: “Growing up in Saskatchewan, Mathew Styranka spent much of his youth trying to integrate his submissive sexual passions and his spiritual yearnings. After moving to Toronto to pursue … More still knotted… or, don’t do us any favours, buddy

coming out kinky

“You know, when my friends ask me what my kids do, it’s really easy to say what my three sons do… one is a filmmaker, and one is a systems analyst, and one works for the government. But it’s not so easy to tell them my daughter is a sex geek!” “I know, Mom. I … More coming out kinky

all in the family

When I was in my early teens, I had four family rings made, one for me and three as gifts. You remember, the kind you could order from Consumers’ Distributing, with a row of bright birthstones meant to represent each person in your family. Pink, pale blue, dark blue and green. One each. The catch? … More all in the family