butch/femme: flavours of strength

I had a conversation with my friend GT several months ago, and for some reason it just popped back into mind the other day. She’s a strongly butch-identified gal, and as we were enjoying a dinner in a loud pub somewhere, we got to talking about dyke genders. She expressed how much she admires the … More butch/femme: flavours of strength

predictions from the sex geek: checking in halfway through

More than six months ago, the lovely ladies on Montreal’s CKUT radio show AudioSmut asked me to write up a whole bunch of sex predictions for the year. I did so, with a general focus followed by some more Quebec- and Montreal-specific bits, and fired it off just before shutting down the ‘puter and packing … More predictions from the sex geek: checking in halfway through


No, not that kind. This is just a quick post to send out a few bits of information before I take off to spend a week in Amsterdam, land of the live sex show, the sex museum and lots of bad puns about tulips. Will I come back with stories for you? I certainly will! … More quickie!