No, not that kind.

This is just a quick post to send out a few bits of information before I take off to spend a week in Amsterdam, land of the live sex show, the sex museum and lots of bad puns about tulips. Will I come back with stories for you? I certainly will! In the meantime, a couple of tidbits to chew on…

1. An Unholy Harvest is back! Canada’s only weekend event for leatherdykes and transfolk was a major hit last year, and we fully expect it’ll sell out again this year. It takes place on Thanksgiving weekend (October 10-12) in Ottawa. The basic information is currently up at www.unholyharvest.ca, and the full information will be posted there (and here) as soon as my stellar co-organizer Jacqueline St-Urbain and I iron out the last little details. Whee! I’m very excited about this, and will likely remain that way until October, so get used to hearing about it a lot.

2. Remember that post I wrote a couple of weeks ago entitled The Five-Step Flirt? Well, it apparently made the rounds of the blogosphere and wound up on the lap of Cunning Minx, charming host of the PolyWeekly podcast. She most kindly devoted some of her most recent show to it. If you’re curious, take a listen. Even if you’re not, check it out for the pure pleasure of hearing to Minx’s velvety voice. Yum! A big thank-you to Minx for the very generous plug.

3. If you’re a female or trans Torontonian and you wanna get your freak on with some like-minded hotties, come to the Pride edition of the Women and Trans Bathhouse on June 18th. It’ll definitely make for a fun homecoming for me, I can tell ya! That is, of course, to be followed by Pride week in TO – loads of good stuff to do.

4. Speaking of good stuff to do, mark your calendars now for the first Festival Kinky in Montreal, August 7-10. I’ll be teaching two workshops (check out my Workshops tab for details and to register) and there are tons of other cool things going on.

Have a great week, everyone!

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