adventures in halifagia

Or is it Halifogia? No, maybe Haligonia. Okay, I’m kidding, it’s Halifax, but they call the locals Haligonians, which never made a helluva lot of sense to me, but this is Canada, home of places like Moose Jaw, so really, what grounds to I have to complain? And because it’s Pride season in these (very rainy and foggy) parts, everyone’s coming up with wierd word-plays on the whole thing, which makes it all the more confusing for us… mainlanders? I think that’s what they call folks like me.

This most recent trip started out as a visit home for Boi L, who wanted me and Boi M to meet all her extended family, including two sets of parents, two sets of grandparents, and assorted exes, friends, former teammates, brothers and local acquaintances. Somehow we managed to schedule this whole little excursion right on top of Pride, so not only are we meeting family left, right and centre – all of whom oddly seem way more upset about Boi L’s conversion to vegetarianism than about her newly announced status as a polyamorous dyke involved in a D/s triad with a femme(ish) dominant and a trans guy – but we are also attending such exciting events as the SheDogs women and trans bathhouse event tomorrow night, the Pride Paddle (not that kind – it’s kayaking, folks) Thursday night (assuming there are no further small hurricanes on the way), various film screenings and lectures, and the WetSpot party Saturday night. I think we might march in the parade Saturday afternoon, too. Boi M is keen to have us all do it on stilts, but I’m not sure those are compatible with a leather pencil skirt and red heels, so I might have to pass.

Interestingly, everyone and their dog seems to gravitate towards Halifax for Pride time, so I keep running into exes and lovers and friends on the street corners and in cafes around town. It’s really a bit perturbing to note just how many queers descend on this fine little town at this time of year – I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years. Never fear; I intend to experience it to its fullest and provide a full report. Right after I write up the CPATH conference and review some hottie-hot dyke/trans porn for ya, of course. Ahem. I forget sometimes that this blogging thing actually entails the occasional obligation. I’m on it, I swear.  

In the meantime, Boi M and I have celebrated our one-year anniversary, and this afternoon while we were at Venus Envy – Halifax’s queer epicentre extraordinaire – he reached out a finger towards a shelf and poked, of all things, a first-edition copy of Patrick Califia’s Macho Sluts, which just about made me wet my jeans right then and there. A fine anniversary gift indeed. 

Oh, and on our way out East we stopped in small-town Quebec to attend a queer wedding in which a lovely trans lady of my acquaintance and her butch/trans partner spoke vows of eternal devotion that were filled with poetic references to kink, leather and butch/femme. As I sat watching the ceremony with a gorgeous boi in a necktie on either side of me, holding hands with both of them, I realized that I have never felt so openly welcome at such an event. For all that I’m really not interested in the institution of marriage, I gotta say, I’m pretty damn happy to live in a country where two trans people can have a leather wedding with poly queers in the audience, the whole thing entirely legal and presided over by a minister who earnestly lectured the audience on the eroticism of butch/femme and never messed up a pronoun, even once. Quite an experience, that was.

All of this to say that following Toronto Pride, a load of work contracts and a few days of illness, life has been pretty busy, which is why I’ve been so damn quiet these past couple of weeks. I’m back though. Hope y’all have been enjoying your summer so far, eh?


And now, for a bit o’ shameless self-promotion…

My recent post about sex with trans people has been picked up by, an award-winning news website with a monthly readership of 2.3 million. I’m not sure when it’ll be up, but I’ll post here when it happens. How fucking exciting is that?

Also, I just finished writing up a rather in-depth piece on Toronto’s sex club and sex party scene, which should be coming out in a future issue of the Xtra. I’ll definitely link to that. I must say, the research work for that one was. ahem, intensive. I am telling you, the commitment I have to my journalistic integrity is nothing short of staggering. Hee hee.

And in the realm of exciting, I must also mention that I’ll be giving a short demo – not a full workshop, but a half-hour interactive thingie – of some hands-on SM play stuff at SheDogs, tomorrow night’s bathhouse. I’m muchly looking forward to it, especially since I’ll have both Boi M and Boi L with me as demo bottoms, which opens up some very intriguing possibilities. Should be a good time – if you’re in town, come say hi!

3 thoughts on “adventures in halifagia

  1. “all of whom oddly seem way more upset about Boi L’s conversion to vegetarianism than about her newly announced status as a polyamorous dyke involved in a D/s triad with a femme(ish) dominant and a trans guy”

    Heh. You know, my parents reacted in much the same way. “Yes, yes, two women, one’s black, whatever…but…are they…..vegetarian? No? Oh, thank goodness!” Apparently they find vegetarianism baffling and hard to cook for. I heart their strange little minds. *pets parents fondly*

  2. Canada is a great country, isn’t it? Lucky us. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary, you two 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your first anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been that long. We should have dinner or something, you know, to celebrate. Or just to hang out.

    Pet peeve: it’s ‘first anniversary,’ not ‘one-year anniversary.’ The “anni-” morpheme takes care of the unit of time.

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