kink in the city of two-cheek kisses

I have a confession to make: sometimes, I like to relax. It’s a bit mind-boggling, but over the long weekend I actually went away and hung out at a cottage with no internet access, and then last night I (gasp!) went to a movie! An empty-souled blockbuster, no less! And I ate movie snacks! I will soon be back on the blogging bandwagon, I’m sure, but it’s been rather lovely to just kick back and breathe a bit this last little while.

But speaking of fine ways to occupy one’s time, the teaching circuit is starting to rumble in preparation for the fall’s avalanche. And on that note, this post is a quick shout-out to the Montrealers, or those who plan to be in Montreal soon, to let you know that I’ll be teaching two workshops at the Festival Kinky August 7-10.

The first is Thursday evening, August 7, at 6 p.m. and it’s my Hands-On Play class – I’m going to take the pulse of the group before deciding if I’m going to make it a hard-core one with info about punching etc. or if I’ll stick with the basics, but either way I promise I’ll make it fun.

The second is Saturday afternoon, August 9, at 1 p.m. and it’s my vaginal fisting workshop – same one I gave to the Army in late May, so if you missed it and want to come out this time, it’d be great to have you there!

For more info, check out http://www.kinkyfes html/en/04_ calendrierAtelie rs.html. Tickets are available at http://www.kinkyfes html/en/00_ tickets.html.

Feel free to spread the word. Every little bit helps!

5 thoughts on “kink in the city of two-cheek kisses

  1. Good afternoon. I have become a fan of your blog. I come in once a while to read everything you write. I learn a lot. I like the way you write. Wish I knew as much as you. May I adress You with the big “Y” in You? You made me discover that I have this kink for intelligence….. And You certainly are inspiring. Open minded, intelligent, funny, teacher … and I read that You like shoes… (and I love to take care of them in so many ways…) Wow. Just a question – You write that Montreal is the city of two-cheek kisses. Does it mean that when I kiss ass, I have to also kiss both cheeks..? Sorry I had to ask ;). So many things to learn. Thanks for teading.

  2. Joscelin – that would be the Unholy Army of the Night, the leatherdyke group I’ve worked with in Montreal for many years. Though dang, it’d be fun to do for the other kind of army…! 😉

    Creative – Thanks for the kind words. You can capitalize things however you please, and kiss ass in whatever way makes you happy, as long as the recipient doesn’t mind. As for me – I don’t bother with chat-group-style protocols for spelling and such – it drives my not-so-inner editor fucking batty. Standard English is how I roll. To each their kinks. 🙂

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