we’re having the wrong conversation

We’ve all heard about the great debate about homosexuality: It’s a choice! No, gays are born that way! No, it’s a choice! And so forth. Over the last few years, I’ve started to see a similar question come up on kinky discussion groups and lists with regard to other non-normative ways of experiencing sexuality. People … More we’re having the wrong conversation

the joy of re-runs! (prefaced with a boring preamble)

I started blogging in February 2006. At the time, Friendster was as good as it got in the realm of social networking (remember, back in the dinosaur age when there was no Facebook?!), and I knew nothing about the various fabulous blogging options available to me. I just wanted a place to tentatively put some … More the joy of re-runs! (prefaced with a boring preamble)

plural perspectives

Not too long ago, I gave the keynote address at PolyCamp, a wonderful weekend in the woods of Ontario during which a bunch of poly people got together and talk about any number of relevant topics. I titled that address “Plural Perspectives.” It occurred to me that it might be fun to post the meat … More plural perspectives