sex bloggers rock (and i am a bad person)

So this is where I confess to being a bad, bad person. Or perhaps I should say, a bad bad blogger. Not so much in terms of my writing, but rather in terms of my dismal track record of participating in the rich and vibrant online community of sexuality bloggers. When I started this blog a couple of years ago, I plunked a couple of friends’ blog links in my blogroll and have pretty much ignored it ever since. And despite the growing number of truly articulate, thought-provoking sexuality writers out there who are putting their words on the screen to educate, share, arouse and discuss, I’m woefully behind on my reading of their wonderful work. Truly, folks. I suck.

Case in point: a lovely blogger named Rori, of, recently ran a “Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2008” contest, in which she asked readers to nominate their favourite blogs, then conducted a voting process, and then posted a detailed list of the results. She’s actually in the process of annotating each entry, with information about the blogger, an excerpt from and link to a favourite post, and a “why you should love them” section. For every one of them. Talk about a blogging promotional super-hero.

Now here’s how much I suck: until last week, I didn’t even know that Between My Sheets existed, and the only reason I found out is because my hits started skyrocketing when I wound up on the list. Um… wow, do I feel like a heel. Flattered and happy, of course, but it certainly made me realize that if there are sufficient readers out there who appreciate my work well enough to nominate and vote for me (enough to get me into the top 20, no less), I should certainly get about the business of appreciating the work of others in return.

So in the spirit of community, and in an attempt to re-ingratiate myself to the gods of blogging and show my fellow sex bloggers that I’m on a mission to reform my evil ways (no, don’t worry, not those ones), I am re-posting Rori’s list here, and I will suggest that you check out the many fantastic blogs that appear on it. I promise I’ll do the same, really I do!

Here you go, folks. Enjoy. I certainly plan to.

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2008

1. Sinclair Sexsmith
2. Radical Vixen
3. Curvaceous Dee
4. Always Aroused Girl
5. Ellie Lumpesse
6. Catalina
7. Selena Kitt
8-9. Wifey and Hubby
10. Roger
11. Essin’ Em
12. Amber Rhea
13-14. Richard and Amy
15-16. MJ and MJ’s Slave
17. Thursday’s Child
18. Narration by D
19. Andrea Zanin
20. The Provocateur
21. Violet Blue
22. Autumn
23. SSS
24. Storm
25. Sub lyn
26. Tara Tainton
27. Jake
28. Cherry Bomb
29. Lakey
30. Scarlet
31. Glenpreece
32. Lolita Wolf
33. Vixen
34. Tom Paine
35. Tongue Tied Blue
36. Maymay
37. Miss Bliss
38. Mistress Maeve
39. Nadia
40. Luka
41-42. Odysseus and Penelope
43. Eileen
44. Calico
45. Caroline Shepherd
46. Kathleen
47. Packing Vocals
48. Audacia Ray
49. Axe
50. Baccus
51. Chelsea Summers
52. Debauchette
53. The Butterfly Temptress
54. Dirty Little Girl
55. Sexy Whispers
56. Wendy Blackheart
57-58. Padme and Anakin
59-60. Him and Her
61. Slip of a Girl
62. Blowjob Babe
63-64. Dirty Debbie and CJ
65. Scorpio
66. Charlotte
67. Bitchy Jones
68. Anastasisa
69. Alice
70. Anita Wagner
71. Jack
72. Mistress Matisse
73. Mariella
74. O
75. Shasta Gibson
76. Gwen
77. fivestar
78. Lilly
79. Penny
80. Figleaf
81. Tony
82. Viviane
83. Six
84. Bob
85-99. Fiammetta, Jill, Robyn, Scarlot, Melissa, Kitten, Karly, Holly, Surgeon, Stacey, Tara, Jessica, Gina, Wendy, and Tori

Why is #100 blank? Because I know there are dozens…hundreds…of other amazing sex bloggers out there, and I want everyone to be a part of this list. If you weren’t already include, please promote yourself and your blog with a comment below. You can also feel free to link to other people’s blogs in a comment. Anything goes! I hope you’ll copy/paste this list on your own blog, if you have one. You don’t have to link back here – just get the word out about these amazing bloggers. Or, create your own list! Again, I hope you this out the 2008 Sex Bloggers page, which goes into more detail about each amazing blogger above!

6 thoughts on “sex bloggers rock (and i am a bad person)

  1. Mmm. BDSM history. Yummy stuff, Peter. I hope it counts next year…

    Thanks for the pimping, mia and others! 🙂 And thanks for the congrats, Dee. Back atcha.

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