coming down and moving forward

Wow. What a weekend. It’s Monday, we’ve finished our cleanup and everyone (well, almost everyone) has gone home. The second edition of An Unholy Harvest was a major success, with 70+ women and trans people gathering in Ottawa to socialize, play, learn and play some more. Such a treat to be surrounded by that much good energy all in one spot. Today, after cleanup and before brunch, 20 or so remaining people gathered for a group photo by the sign outside a nearby church that read “The Right Use of Power Builds Community.” It was just too good to resist!

Today’s post is gonna be very, very short, because I’m really a bit wiped out and I still have a ton of work to do – among other things, preparing for the lecture I’m giving on feminist activism within the queer and BDSM communities tomorrow night at Ottawa U, and the lecture I’m giving on the ethics of sadomasochism in Montreal at McGill the next day. If you want more details, check out my workshops page – they’re in-class lectures and I have no idea what professors would say about non-students showing up, but if you’re gung-ho, perhaps you could leave a comment here and I could check in with the professors in question.

In the spirit of kinky workshops and community-building, I want to encourage people to attend Mr. Leather Ottawa, which takes place next weekend – they’re actively reaching out to bring in more dykes and other people, as in, not exclusively gay men, so check them out and let me know what you think! If you’re a sex-positive dyke or trans person in Montreal, check out the good work being done by Against the Wall –  among other things they’re holding a sex party next weekend (Saturday the 18th). If you’re in or near the Toronto area, check out the “So You Want to Be Kinky?” workshop series – the next pair of workshops takes place next Sunday. Details below. Of course you might also want to check out the series’ parent event, Mr. Leather Toronto, which happens the last weekend of November. (I’ll be teaching two workshops there, one with my very fun co-presenter Ariel of Boston.)

And on that happy note, I’m going to take a nap!


The next “So You Want To Be Kinky???” workshops will be held next Sunday (19 October 2008) from 2:00pm to 6:00pm at Goodhandy’s (2nd floor, 120 Church St. @ Richmond St.).

BDSM educator Lady Viktoria will present “Kinky Communication: Negotiation and Communication for BDSM Play”.

Do you want a heart pounding, adrenaline rushing, heat rising, sexual energy exchange with your play partner(s)? Join us and master the art of kinky communication. We will discuss respective terms of engagement for sexy, hot and fun scene dynamics. Stimulate your mind, the largest sex organ, with an interactive lecture and demonstration followed with a class exercise where everyone will partner up and experience the art of kinky communication first hand. Bring a notepad, a writing utensil and an open mind.

Mr. Leatherman Toronto 1996 Duncan MacLachlan will present “Fisting For Dummies”.

Fisting is one of the sexual acts most often associated with Leather. It is also one of the acts most often attempted without sufficient knowledge or instruction. Here is your opportunity to learn the basic “ins and outs” of safer fisting in a workshop presented by an experienced instructor. This workshop will emphasize safer techniques and will include a live fisting demonstration.

Doors will open at 1:30pm. Admission is $10.00 and restricted to persons 19 years of age or older. The bar will be open, but please note that individuals who appear to be alcohol-impaired will not be allowed to participate in any “hands-on” (or “hands-in”) portions of the workshops.

For more information, please feel free to contact Paul Ciantar, MLTC Education Committee Chair, at
paul dot ciantar at sympatico dot ca.

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