the many faces of thanks

Not too long ago, I spent part of a weekend with a group of leatherfolk. Part of the agreed-upon deal was that one person’s boy was in service to the entire group for the duration of our time together. This boy was a master at his craft. His service was seamless. I had only to … More the many faces of thanks

ten things

It’s late. I’m tired. I’m doubled booked this whole weekend with judging a leather contest and taking part in a D/s protocol intensive, both of which are wonderful but which, together, are exhausting. So this is a short one. Watch this vid of Mary Roach (author of Bonk) entitled “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About … More ten things

a play and a panel

Queer tip of the week: go see My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding. Only in Canada, I tell ya, would you have a musical production made based on a true lesbian love story set on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa during the ice sculpture festival, with the two main characters being a Jewish psychology professor … More a play and a panel

these are a few of my favourite things

Snakes. Snakes are damn sexy. Smooth, muscular, not human, fully prehensile. Heat-seeking creatures with heavy cultural symbolism and taboo built into every scale. The way they scent you with their forked tongues, slither and wrap themselves around you in a slow, dry, deliberate caress. The way they rear up when surprised, ready to strike but … More these are a few of my favourite things