halifax and kink on tap

Okay, another quickie for ya. I arrived in Halifax today with relatively little fuss (never mind the bitchy flight attendant) and was warmly greeted by Maggie, the supercool gal who runs Venus Envy out here, and Boi L. Always nice to be picked up by two hotties the moment you get off a plane! The evening from there included dinner and lots of time in a hot tub at the first-ever co-ed SheDogs bathhouse – the numbers were small but that meant we didn’t need to leave the hot tub for, like, the entire night. So I’m not complaining! The next few days will have me giving four workshops and doing a whole lot of gay and lesbian historiography reading for school, so I expect I’ll find at least one thing per day inspiring enough to write about here. This is gonna end up looking a whole lot more like the “and today I painted my toenails!” sorts of blogs I generally don’t enjoy so much. I’ll try not to get that bad, though, okay? Hey, if I’m short of exciting ideas, maybe I’ll post and ask you to give me some!

Anyway, I was serious when I said quickie. Today I have another link for ya. Sunday night I was a guest on the latest podcast by the fine (geeky) folks of Kink On Tap, which is downloadable if you’re into such things. It was definitely a wide-ranging conversation, and they function in a conversation format rather than an interview one – a bit of a novelty for me but totally fun. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “halifax and kink on tap

  1. Thanks so much for being on the Kink On Tap show, Andrea. We got some amazing feedback from listeners of that episode in particular. A number of folks said it was their favorite episode so far. I sincerely hope you won’t be a stranger to the show from here on out. 🙂 You were awesome.

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