quickie of the night

(Seriously, folks, where else can you reliably go for one of those every single night?)

I’m kinda wiped out so this’ll be super-short. The fantastic Charlie Glickman, education program manager at Good Vibrations in San Francisco, interviewed me not too long ago about my life as a sex educator. He rocks. Check it out here if you’re curious!

I swear I’m not going to devote these mini-posts exclusively to shameless self-promotion. Promise. Hey, on that note, first person to shoot me a question or topic in the comments section here, that’s what I’ll write about tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “quickie of the night

  1. I’ve been asked this alot since Harvest, so I’ll throw it out to you to get your take:

    What do you think is the difference ‘feel wise’ is the difference between women’s only parties and parties where males and females both attend?

    (the question is often asked from/because of bio males and refers to the energy/atmosphere/etc of the event(s) rather than the safe space aspect or obvious 24/7 hot girl on girl Girls Gone Wild type action so many are convinced occur as such events)

  2. Safer sex agreements, how one negotiates them, and how one can determine the acceptable level of risk for themselves and their partners.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    After years of going to kinky workshops and events, I’m starting to feel vaguely dissatisfied by most of the offerings today. A lot of them are 101s or cover topics I’ve already learned about or am not into. The most interesting part for me is often the discussion amongst participants, not the topic.

    What can I do to continue to learn and grow?

  4. Dave – Yes, they are on this blog. Go to my Poly Resources page and you’ll find the link directly to that post. Either that or use the search bar on this blog and type in “10 Rules.” Should get you there pretty quick. Hope they help!

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