a play and a panel

Queer tip of the week: go see My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding. Only in Canada, I tell ya, would you have a musical production made based on a true lesbian love story set on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa during the ice sculpture festival, with the two main characters being a Jewish psychology professor at Ottawa U and a Wiccan control freak who sings in a choir. Seriously hilarious. Songs include “Hot Lesbian Action,” “You Don’t Need a Penis” and “Straight White Male.” Oh my god.

Okay, it does get a bit tiresome in its equation of marriage and love, as though marriage is the only thing that legitimates love; and it’s also tiresome in its treatment of Hooters girls (“sluts!”). So it’s got its dose of garden-variety sexual conservatism, really, but it’s no worse than any other mainstream gay and lesbian cultural production. If you can get past that, and it’s not too hard, the rest of it is an absolute scream.

Oh, and is it a Canadian thing to watch that old movie Die Hard, with Bruce Willis, every year at Christmas? I didn’t think it was a common tradition, but my brothers and I have been doing it for, oh, jeez, over a decade now? And apparently the son in MMLJWW does it too.


On a totally unrelated note, I’m judging Mr. Leather Toronto this weekend, and there’s gonna be a Judges’ Panel on Saturday (tomorrow) from 1:30 to 3 on the topic of “Mentorship and the Leather Journey.” I’ll be speaking on said panel. I have no idea what I’ll be saying, but that’s probably because most of it will be Q&A, so it’s a bit up to you! The MLT seminar program details are here, and I believe you can sign up for them individually at a cost of ten bucks, so if you happen to be in Toronto, come on by. The line-up is pretty fantastic actually.

One thought on “a play and a panel

  1. We watch “Die Hard” as part of our non-holiday holiday movie watching.

    Other movies include “The Ref”, “Nightmare Before christmas” and “Love, Actually”.

    And we are in Florida!

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