policy on reviews, advertising, links, guest posts, copyright and book blurbs


If you’re interested in sending me something to review, please read the following carefully first. If I send you a link to this page and you then send me your work to review, I consider that to mean you have agreed to these terms.

  • What I do and don’t review: I review books, mostly non-fiction but I’m very open to relevant fiction too. I don’t often review films here, but I’m a total film buff so I am absolutely open to it! Especially documentaries. I don’t ever review products (sex toys, lubes, etc.).
  • Process: For books, I require a hard copy. No exceptions. Send me an email (veryqueer3 at yahoo dot ca) and I’ll send you my mailing address. For films, an online screener is fine.
  • Deadlines: Though I’m open to hearing what time frame would be useful to you, I don’t review on deadline. I blog for fun, not profit, on my own time, and I actually do read every word of every book I cover here.
  • Subject matter: On this blog, I take an intellectual and political approach to discussing alternative sexuality. My readership is by and large queer (politically and/or sexually) and/or pervy of one variety or another and/or polyamorous or some kind of non-monogamous. If the relevancy of your work is not immediately obvious from its title, please tell me how you see that work relating to my area of focus. I turn down a lot of reviews because they aren’t a good fit – let’s not waste time for either of us. Note that if your book is about/for heterosexuals but you think it would be relevant to queers if we mentally switch out all the pronouns, I am not the right reviewer for you. Read this post if you want a better sense of my politics on this stuff. Also, I’m Canadian, so I will rarely be interested in work that is explicitly American in focus or assumes an American readership.
  • Style: Read this good review and this bad review if you want to get a sense of my reviewing style.

Guest posts, links and advertising

I do not accept guest posts on my blog.

I do not do reciprocal linking. I only link to other sites that are directly relevant to the arguments I’m making in a given post, and I do not sell those links.

I do not accept advertising on my blog. This may change, but if it does, I’ll publish a whole policy about how advertising will be accepted in line with my politics, and I don’t have the brain juice to devote to thinking about that right now.


Note that the entire contents of this blog are copyright Andrea Zanin. If you are interested in reposting any content I have written in its entirety, do me the courtesy of asking first; at minimum I will ask for a clear indication of my name as the author and an easy-to-find link back to the original post. Anything else is discourteous at best, and stealing at worst. Short excerpts, with links back to my original posts, are welcome at any time.

Book blurbs

I’m always flattered when friends and colleagues request that I blurb their books, and I love supporting folks in their good work. If you want me to blurb you, here’s what I need from you!

  • Editing. It’s best for me to read your work in the most final possible version before it goes to print, or at minimum after it’s undergone at least one full substantive edit and one full copy edit by a professional. I know that many small presses don’t do this level of in-depth editing work, but it is a rare writer who can produce a book that doesn’t need it, so I strongly advise you to hire one yourself if your press won’t, assuming you want to present quality work to the world. If you haven’t worked with an editor, chances are that’s the first thing I’ll notice, and so will your future readers.
  • Good politics. I won’t blurb a book that engages in racism, transphobia, misogyny, classism, ableism or other types of social injustice. If you’re not sure, or want to do due diligence even if you think you’re on track, ask a few folks to read it over (including your editor). We all make mistakes in how we frame things or the language we use. It’s not a crime. But you can fix this stuff before your book reaches its final stages.
  • Time. Please give me at least two weeks to read your book, preferably a month. I may be able to read it faster, but I can’t promise to.
  • Hard copy. Please send one. I don’t care if it’s fancy-looking or just a pile of paper from your home printer, but as a rule I don’t read eBooks or PDFs.
  • Your understanding. Please understand that even with these criteria met, I can’t guarantee that I will write a blurb for you without having read your book in full. This means I may indeed say no in the end. For my vote of confidence to be meaningful to your potential readers, they need to know that I won’t praise your work just because I like you, your ideas, or your politics – but also because I think your book is of high quality. It feels really shitty to have to turn someone down after reading their stuff so please refer to points 1 and 2 before we even get started.

If you’re cool with all this, feel free to be in touch: veryqueer3 at yahoo dot ca.

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