writing portfolio

My essays and erotic short stories appear in a number of recent and forthcoming anthologies. My blog posts here have been widely reprinted/reposted and translated into other languages (French, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish and more). I’m also currently working on a memoir about pain, and have several other books on the back burner. Last but not least, as a result of my graduate work, I have a couple of scholarly publications.

If you’d like to hire me for a writing project or solicit a contribution to a collection, feel free to e-mail me at veryqueer3 at yahoo dot ca. I’m always interested in tackling new projects!

Here are some examples of where you can find my writing.

Essay collections


My erotic short stories have been featured in several anthologies and magazines, including:


  • Comment: I have authored a number of comment / topic expertise articles about kink, BDSM and consent: “In Healthy, Consensual BDSM, Saying ‘Yes’ Is Just the Beginning” for the Globe and Mail“Jian Ghomeshi’s Case is Not About a Kink—It’s About Abuse” for the Bitch Magazine blog, and “Fifty Shades of F*cked Up: The Film on Its Own Terms” for the Ms. Magazine blog.
  • Column: From 2012 through 2014 I wrote a monthly sex column, “Ask the Sex Geek,” for In Magazine. (I loooved writing this column. I’d be thrilled to have a sex column somewhere else one of these days.)
  • Features and news:  Since 2005, I’ve written features and news stories on a wide range of topics, generally related to LGBT and feminist issues, for queer publications including the Montreal Mirror (now defunct), Xtra! (Toronto), Capital Xtra! (Ottawa, now defunct) and Outlooks Magazine (a Canadian magazine). I’ve interviewed big stars such as RuPaul and Martina Navritolova, and I’ve written about underground communities such as Montreal’s drag king scene and Toronto’s puppy play enthusiasts. I’ve investigated Toronto’s swingers’ clubs to see if they’re queer-friendly, chatted with gay comedians, brought media focus to trans and queer health issues, and written major feature articles on such topics as sexual shame. I wrote first-ever mainstream media article reporting on FetLife.com. Scroll down to the bottom for links to (most of) my journalism work.

Magazines and journals

  • “Where Is It Safe2Pee? An Irreverent Interview with Bailey Stevens of Safe2Pee.org.” Women and Environments International Magazine, Winter 2009, “XYZ Trans-Formations of Urban Space: Transgendered and Transsexual Experiences of the City.”
  • “Notes from Outside the Gender Spectrum.” Other Magazine, Issue 12 “Bad Gender,” July 2007, p. 11-15.
  • “To Lesbians with Love: In Defence of Bi Girls.” The Fence, vol. 6, 2005, p. 4-6.
  • “Of Blood and Kisses.” Treize Revue Lesbienne no. 59, spring 2005, p. 5-6.
  • “SM 101.” The Fence, vol. 4, 2004, p. 32-34.
  • “Snapshots of a Bi Girl’s Life.” The Fence, vol. 3, 2003, p. 10-12.


In addition to this here blog…

  • “The Eternal Closet” on openpoly.net, August 2010.
  • “What Trans Erotica Gets Wrong” on alternet.org. July 24, 2008.

For private clients

I have a hopping freelance practice as a writer, editor and translator. Some of my clients work within the spectrum of sexuality and gender, some don’t. I have edited memoirs, novels, dissertations, video scripts, anthologies, stories, articles and more for pervs and queers; I’ve translated for queer youth organizations, sex workers’ rights groups, LGBTQ+ researchers and more; and I’ve written copy for all manner of clients. Check out my LinkedIn profile for further info.


Since you wanted the details, here are links to most of the articles I’ve written for newspapers and magazines. (Note as of January 2016: some of these links are broken, but all Xtra articles are still available online if you search their titles. I’ll fix up this list soon so you don’t have to do the extra work!)

Journal and magazine articles

Outlooks: Canada’s GLBT Magazine:

Newspaper articles

Capital Xtra, Ottawa

Xtra! Toronto

Montreal Mirror

NOTE: The Mirror went belly-up in spring 2012, and Quebecor, in one fell swoop, took down the paper’s website including all of its archives. As a result, none of the links below will work anymore. As a scholar of history, I think this is practically criminal – digital archives are crucial in this day and age, and the Mirror held a huge place in the hearts of English-speaking Montrealers and well beyond.

Book reviews

  • What Trans Erotica Gets Wrong.” Review of Transgender Erotica: Trans Figures, ed. M. Christian, New York: The Haworth Press, 2006. AlterNet.org, July 24, 2008. Originally published on https://sexgeek.wordpress.com; reprinted by request of AlterNet.org.
  • Review of Sons of the Movement: FtMs Risking Incoherence on a Post-Queer Cultural Landscape by Jean Bobby Noble, Toronto: Women’s Press, 2006. NoMorePotlucks.org, May 19, 2007.
  • Numerous book reviews for the annotated online bibliography CanadianLesbianLiterature.ca, ed. Nairne Holtz. Titles reviewed (throughout 2006 and 2007, publication dates not specified). NOTE: Nairne took down this website in 2010 or thereabouts. She tells me she’s considering publishing it as a book at some point, but for now it remains unavailable.
    • Alonzo, Anne-Marie. Galia que’lle nommait amour. Laval: Les Éditions Trois, 1995.
    • Auger, Lise. Ev Anckert. Laval: Les Éditions Trois, 1994.
    • Beaulieu, Germaine. Textures en textes. Montreal: Éditions du Noroît, 1986.
    • Charest, Danielle. L’entrave. Paris: Éditions du Masque, 2002.
    • Harou, Lise. À propos de Maude. Montreal: VLB Éditeur, 1986.
    • Jutras, Jeanne-d’Arc. Délira Cannelle. Montreal: Éditions Québec/Amérique, 1983.
    • Yvon, Josée. Maîtresses-Cherokees. Montreal: VLB Éditeur & Le Castor astral, 1986.

Film reviews

Reviews for the Inside/Out Film Festival program and website, May 2009 (search by title for my reviews).

  • The New Twenty. Dir. Chris Mason Johnson. DVD. 2009.
  • America: Love It, Or… Dir. Nancy Rosenblum. DVD. 2009.
  • Ask Not. Johnny Symons. DVD. 2008.
  • Sex My Life. Bahman Motamedian. DVD. 2008.
  • The Other War. Tamar Glezerman. DVD. 2008.
  • Seeds of Summer (Zirei Kayitz). Hen Lasker. DVD. 2008.

Reviews for the Inside/Out Film Festival program and website, May 2008 (search by title for my reviews).

  • The Believers. Dir. Todd Holland. DVD. 2007.
  • Like a Virgin. Dir. Lee Hae-yeong and Lee Hae-jun. DVD. 2006.
  • Mulligans. Dir. Chip Hale. DVD. Border2Border Entertainment, 2008.
  • Out at the Wedding. Dir. Lee Friedlander. DVD. Goff-Kellam Productions, 2007.
  • Punch Like a Girl. Dir. Maya Gallus and Justine Pimlott. DVD. 2007.
  • Searching 4 Sandeep. Dir. Poppy Stockell. DVD. Cecilia Ritchie, 2007.
  • Shelter. Dir. Jonah Markowitz. DVD. Here! Films, 2007.
  • Stealth / Comme des voleurs (à l’est). Dir. Lionel Baier. DVD. Saga-Productions, 2006.
  • This Kiss. Dir. Kyle Eddie. DVD. The Australian Film Commission, 2007.
  • The Walker. Dir. Paul Schrader. DVD. Kintop Pictures, 2007.
  • Water Lilies. Dir. Céline Sciamma. DVD. Balthazar Productions, 2007.
  • The World Unseen. Dir. Shamim Saif. DVD. DO Productions, 2007.
  • You Belong to Me. Dir. Sam Zalutsky. DVD. Wolfe, 2007.

Reviews for the Image+Nation Montreal International LGBT Film Festival program and website, May 2007  (search “AZ” for my reviews).

  • D’ici et d’ailleurs. Dir. Nada Raphael. DVD. 2007.
  • Dialogue sur l’homoparentalité. Dir. Julie Huard. DVD. 2007.
  • A Four Letter Word. Dir. Casper Andreas. DVD. Embrem Entertainment, 2007.
  • In Search of the Wild Kingdom. Dir. Shine Louise Houston. DVD. Pink and White Productions, 2006.
  • Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Dir. Jamie Babbit. DVD. Power Up Films, 2007.
  • She’s a Boy I Knew. Dir. Gwen Haworth. DVD. Shapeshifter Films, 2007.
  • Tick Tock Lullaby. Dir. Lisa Gornick. DVD. Valiant Doll, 2007.
  • Times Have Been Better. Dir. Régis Musset. DVD. BE-FILMS, 2007.
  • Triple X Selects The Best of Lezsploitation. Dir. Michelle Johnson. DVD. 2007.
  • The Two Sides of the Bed. Dir. Emilio Martínez Lázaro. DVD. Telespan 2000, 2005.

Web writing

The following articles are all from my brief stint writing for Go-Montreal.com in 2005.

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