on bibles and buttsex

Truth: I’m only talking about one bible. Specifically, Lesbian Sex Bible: The New Guide to Sexual Love for Same-Sex Couples by Diana Cage. The buttsex part is more literal though. (Stay tuned for more, too, as my next review will be of Carlyle Jansen’s Anal Sex Basics: The Beginner’s Guide to Maximizing Anal Pleasure for … More on bibles and buttsex

of history and hope: in solidarity with black lives matter

It’s been a helluva month for queers, folks. Most especially for Black queers and queers of colour. Here’s the current situation. The Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter, an organization that has sprung to life in the US and Canada to protest police brutality against Black people, was given Honoured Group status at Toronto Pride, … More of history and hope: in solidarity with black lives matter

the stuff inside

In the past few years, I’ve undergone quite a number of medical tests and procedures, some highly invasive (spinal cord surgery), some much less so (Holter monitor). I started to notice that a kind of emotional exhaustion would occur after some of these procedures that I couldn’t explain only by the strain of having health … More the stuff inside