night owls unite!

A friend of mine just posted this little gem on Facebook: Dawn, n. The time when men of good reason go to bed. Certain old men prefer to rise at about that time, taking a cold bath and a long walk with an empty stomach, and otherwise mortifying the flesh. They then point with pride … More night owls unite!

growth in kink

Tonight I’m answering Diane’s question: After years of going to kinky workshops and events, I’m starting to feel vaguely dissatisfied by most of the offerings today. A lot of them are 101s or cover topics I’ve already learned about or am not into. The most interesting part for me is often the discussion amongst participants, … More growth in kink

titillating tidbits

Today’s post is a grab bag of interesting tidbits to titillate your brain. Yes, I know I’ve promised a new Powerful Pleasures review, but jeezis, I just got off a plane from Berlin three days ago and tomorrow I’m hopping on a bus to Ottawa – to emcee a leatherdyke wedding, no less! – so … More titillating tidbits

the joy of re-runs! (prefaced with a boring preamble)

I started blogging in February 2006. At the time, Friendster was as good as it got in the realm of social networking (remember, back in the dinosaur age when there was no Facebook?!), and I knew nothing about the various fabulous blogging options available to me. I just wanted a place to tentatively put some … More the joy of re-runs! (prefaced with a boring preamble)