the politics of getting better

Since everybody and their dog is talking about Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project, I feel like I should take a break from grant applications and other joys of grad school, and jump into the fray for a few moments. So. Dan Savage is a well-known gay advice columnist who, inspired by a rash of … More the politics of getting better

night owls unite!

A friend of mine just posted this little gem on Facebook: Dawn, n. The time when men of good reason go to bed. Certain old men prefer to rise at about that time, taking a cold bath and a long walk with an empty stomach, and otherwise mortifying the flesh. They then point with pride … More night owls unite!

growth in kink

Tonight I’m answering Diane’s question: After years of going to kinky workshops and events, I’m starting to feel vaguely dissatisfied by most of the offerings today. A lot of them are 101s or cover topics I’ve already learned about or am not into. The most interesting part for me is often the discussion amongst participants, … More growth in kink

titillating tidbits

Today’s post is a grab bag of interesting tidbits to titillate your brain. Yes, I know I’ve promised a new Powerful Pleasures review, but jeezis, I just got off a plane from Berlin three days ago and tomorrow I’m hopping on a bus to Ottawa – to emcee a leatherdyke wedding, no less! – so … More titillating tidbits