pedagogy for perverts

I just finished reading a very thought-provoking post by kink author and leatherman Race Bannon, entitled “Are Our Educational Efforts Backfiring?” It inspired me to write a rather lengthy comment in response, which I then realized might also be of interest to readers here, especially on the heels of my last post on paying BDSM … More pedagogy for perverts

words fail, or, trying to talk about power (part 1)

Hey, everyone. So it’s been five months since I last posted, and eight since the one before that. Thanks so much for sticking around. I’ve missed you. In the last two years I’ve started and finished a master’s degree, started a PhD, saw a partner through a tour of duty in Afghanistan, went through a … More words fail, or, trying to talk about power (part 1)

down with elevation

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a talk with scholar Elizabeth Young Breuhl entitled “Sexual Diversity in Cosmopolitan Perspective.” By and large it was an interesting talk. Her main point was that our concept of what constitutes sexual deviancy is shifting from an acts-based model to an intent-based model (my words, not hers) – … More down with elevation