Support Me

button.pngLet me tell you a story.

One day, a sex worker friend called me up and said that one of her clients had read my blog and really liked my work. He had also read a more recent post about my health situation – chronic pain, cancer, the whole nine yards. And he wanted to give me a get-well card. Super sweet, right?

So my friend dropped off this card in my mailbox a couple days later, and I opened it up, and a wad of cash fell out. My jaw hit the floor. His card said that I should feel better soon, because the world needed my writing, and he hoped this helped.

Well, it did help. A lot. So did his next gift. Yeah, it helped me pay the rent at a time when I was frankly so broke it was terrifying. But more than that, his gift taught me that there are people out there who value the work I do, even the work that I have never expected to get paid for. And that some of those people might want to send financial support my way so that I can keep doing this work: blogging, writing a book (which I am totally doing! woohoo!), pursuing grad school, and more. And that maybe, just maybe, I should make it easier for generous people like him to send me a buck or two.

So, if my writing has got you thinking or helped you out or just entertained you, and if you want to support me in doing more, I am grateful. Whether it’s enough to pay my rent or enough to buy me a chocolate bar or somewhere in between – thank you.

(All you gotta do is click the image here or in my sidebar, and it’ll take you through to PayPal.)