musings on mentorship

Someone sent me the following question not long ago, and I asked for and received permission to post the question and my answer here… *** Hi Andrea, can i pick your brain? In the context of the queer leather community, what do you see as the role of a mentor? Is it primarily seen as … More musings on mentorship

shame and shameless

Two little items for you tonight… First, Capital Xtra just published a feature I wrote about queer shame – specifically, about the social mechanism of shame and how it plays out in queer lives. In addition to my own pontifications on the topic, I talked to San Francisco-based sex educator Charlie Glickman, who works as … More shame and shameless

it’s over

Well, now it’s December, which means November’s over, which means NaBloPoMo is finished. I wasn’t completely successful at posting every day, but then again, this month I suffered a nasty back injury (I’m much better now, thanks, but it wasn’t fun at all), and a death in Boi L’s family that had the triad flying … More it’s over