shame and shameless

Two little items for you tonight… First, Capital Xtra just published a feature I wrote about queer shame – specifically, about the social mechanism of shame and how it plays out in queer lives. In addition to my own pontifications on the topic, I talked to San Francisco-based sex educator Charlie Glickman, who works as … More shame and shameless

it’s over

Well, now it’s December, which means November’s over, which means NaBloPoMo is finished. I wasn’t completely successful at posting every day, but then again, this month I suffered a nasty back injury (I’m much better now, thanks, but it wasn’t fun at all), and a death in Boi L’s family that had the triad flying … More it’s over

down with elevation

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a talk with scholar Elizabeth Young Breuhl entitled “Sexual Diversity in Cosmopolitan Perspective.” By and large it was an interesting talk. Her main point was that our concept of what constitutes sexual deviancy is shifting from an acts-based model to an intent-based model (my words, not hers) – … More down with elevation