Well, it worked. You guys are awesome. I got a steady stream of erotica theme ideas from you all of last week and they were definitely inspiring! Thank you for all the great ideas. I may well use more of them for writing fodder in the future. For now, though, this week I wrote up … More smutlets

inspire me

This one’s a challenge to you, dear readers. I’ve been invited to read some erotica at this Sunday’s Boston launch of the second issue of Salacious Magazine, the new queer porn mag on the block. I said yes, but the thing is, I haven’t written much of substance in quite some time, and I feel … More inspire me

words fail, or, trying to talk about power (part 1)

Hey, everyone. So it’s been five months since I last posted, and eight since the one before that. Thanks so much for sticking around. I’ve missed you. In the last two years I’ve started and finished a master’s degree, started a PhD, saw a partner through a tour of duty in Afghanistan, went through a … More words fail, or, trying to talk about power (part 1)