a theory of power

As regular readers might have noticed, in the past couple of years I’ve repeatedly written about the nature of full-time power dynamics. It’s a theme that takes up a lot of space in my mind, as I move through the joys and challenges of my own power relationships over time. This post is an addition … More a theory of power

on ecstasy

Not too long ago, I wrote an instalment of my “Ask the Sex Geek” column for In Toronto magazine in response to a reader question about trying to find resources on spiritual approaches to sexuality, such as Tantra, that don’t rely on a classic gender binary. Such resources are remarkably hard to find, and as … More on ecstasy

growth in kink

Tonight I’m answering Diane’s question: After years of going to kinky workshops and events, I’m starting to feel vaguely dissatisfied by most of the offerings today. A lot of them are 101s or cover topics I’ve already learned about or am not into. The most interesting part for me is often the discussion amongst participants, … More growth in kink

re-thinking ritual: costumes, creativity and cultural appropriation

A few days ago, a friend of mine casually asked if I’d be going to Northbound Leather’s big annual Halloween fashion show and play party. Apparently it’s the event of the year. This year, the party’s called TRIBE. So I went to the Northbound site to check it out. The image on the party ad … More re-thinking ritual: costumes, creativity and cultural appropriation