plugs and promises

I’ve been a busy little sex geek this past little while… and posting sporadically as a result. This is just a quickie to round up a few fun tidbits, but I’ll be back on track soon. I think. (Anyone got cloning technology available? Drop me a line, por favor.) Monday night, my esteemed colleague Jacqueline … More plugs and promises

pink power

I’m in a rush so this will be a very short post indeed… but I just couldn’t resist sharing this link to a story about two high school kids who came up with a really awesome and effective way to combat homophobia in their high school. On that inspiring note, I wish you a lovely … More pink power

the language of queer: always on the outside

It’s very interesting, being in Toronto this week, and having spent a month travelling in the States and on the West Coast. I’m beginning to get a sense of just how different queer culture is in the “outside” compared to what it’s like in Montreal, and the big difference is language. I know, I know, anyone in the rest of the world … More the language of queer: always on the outside